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    Installation, performance, sound, text, public art, artist's books, sound walks
    Human Animal Artist 2016 - 2017 (Text work) Poster
curated by Janine Burke at McClelland Sculpture Park+Gallery Langwarrin Victoria Australia
    Unreliable Encounters in Jurong
Performance with Peter Knight Oct 2016 as part of Why Listen to Animals: The Abyss of Incomprehension, Liquid Architecture, Melbourne Australia
Performance with Alice Hui-Sheng Chang Dec 2016 Ting Shuo Taiwan
    Sounding Batman Park sonic collaboration with Jordan Lacey as part of Test Sites, City of Melbourne
    Yellow-nosed broad-billed red-kneed a startling clatter
Sound walk and participatory performance as part of Points of Listening through CRISAP London College of Communication, coordinated by Salomé Voegelin and Mark Peter Wright
    Eyescore: The Audible Image curated by Kent Wilson 2015 (text work)
    old Tech new Tech curated by Maddy Rosenberg 2015 (text works)
    Shooting the Breeze Installation and Performance 2015
    Reading The Birds Performance 2014
as part of MoreArt 2014 Moreland City Council Public Art Show Melbourne
    Perch Collaborative performance with Vanessa Tomlinson, Alice Hui-Sheng Chang, curated by Andrew Tetzlaff Blindside Melbourne 2014
    Mid-morning, mild, some clouds
Urban intervention (text work) commissioned by The Substation and Hobsons Bay City Council Melbourne 2014
    B is for Bird, C is for City
Collaborative performance with Kate Hunter, Vanessa Chapple and Penny Baron for Liquid Architecture 14: Sonic City Melbourne 2013
    Calls from Blethenal Green
Residency and collaboration with Johanna Hällsten St John's Church Bethnal Green London 2013
    Field Notes
Collaborative installation with Clyde McGill Trocadero Art Space Melbourne 2013
    Looking up, listening for the birds Photography 3 Abbotsford Convent Melbourne 2012
    The Auspices Public art installation Anstey Station (disused customer service booth) Melbourne 2012
    A Filth of Starlings Installation (text works) Platform ARI Melbourne 2012
    A Storytelling of Ravens Text work Tierstudien 01 Animalität und Ästhetik Berlin 2012
    Us & Them-Umwelten Installation Project Space RMIT Melbourne 2012
    Tell Me Something: A Field Guide to the Voices of an Unkindness of Ravens Print project 2011
    birdbrain performance with Kate Hunter, Vanessa Chapple and Penny Baron Screenspace Melbourne 2011
    birdbrain Installation Emerson Galerie Berlin and Soundfjord London 2011
    Billboard Art Projects Billboard New Orleans 2011
    Say Something Sound Work Death Be Kind Melbourne 2010
    Calling the Birds II Animation Trocadero Art Space Melbourne 2010
    Pigeon Post Installation Mailbox 141 Melbourne 2010
    billing and cooing Billboard Trocadoro ARI Melbourne 2010
    coroocoo visiting artist and installation NSCAD University Halifax Canada 2010
    billing and cooing Mail art project 2009-10
    Columba livia Installation Melbourne 2009
    Installation C3 Abbotsford Convent Melbourne 2008
    Thirst Sonic Collaboration with Dominique Hecq 2008
    Shilihe Sound Work 2007
    Greengrocer Installation Austral Avenue Melbourne 2007
    Between two and three Animation 2006
    Untitled [sidings] Sound Work 2006
    Frieze Installation 2006
    Double Interchange
Collaboration with Vanessa Tomlinson as part of Double Venturi Melbourne Town Hall Melbounre 2006

Perfect Square Animation 2005

    Six in the evening Animation 2006
    the wet and the dry Sound Work 2004
    Older works are archived offline
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Cath Clover artist, sound, digital media Cath Clover artist, sound, digital media, animal voice, bird voice, language, text, animal cognition,
Cath Clover artist, sound, digital media Cath Clover artist, sound, digital media Cath Clover artist, sound, digital media Cath Clover artist, sound, digital media Cath Clover artist, sound, digital media Cath Clover Clover Clover Clover