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    The Auspices (2012)  
    Anstey Station Albion Street Brunswick Melbourne 3056 Australia
30th September – 28th October 2012
The disused customer service booth on the city bound platform (Platform 1)
7am-10.30pm daily as part of MoreArt The Moreland City Council Public Art Show

Catherine Clover weaves together visual and sonic components which are inspired by animals that proliferate in urban environments. Her practice is built upon the intense observation of animals and translates into installations inspired by concrete poetry and conceptual sound art. This exhibition is devoted to Seagulls and Corvids (the crow family). Clover is drawn to the ubiquity of these animals; she is fascinated by their resilience and the close proximity of their lives to human lives. The immersive experience of the exhibition might be described as a sonic collage - it includes the sounds of birds, the sounds of humans mimicking birds and the sounds of humans reading stories. Visually, the artist provides cues which pertain to the complexity of the human relationship with such animals; field guides, bird leg rings and bird nests are presented as objects viewable through the customer service window.

Jane O'Neill Curator MoreArt

    On site documentation of Penny Baron reading Jessica Ullrich's Interspecies Play audio footage from installation (excerpt 1'39"). This is a distinctly lo-fi recording of the recording in situ, where background sounds are mostly foregrounded  
    'An auspice (Latin: auspicium from auspex) is literally "one who looks at birds", a diviner who reads omens from the observed flight of birds. This type of omen reading was already a millennium old in the time of Classical Greece: in the fourteenth-century BCE diplomatic correspondence preserved in Egypt called the "Amarna correspondence", the practice was familiar to the king of Alasia in Cyprus who has need of an 'eagle diviner' to be sent from Egypt.'
Source: Wikipedia


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