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Ramblings - Desvarios
Collaborative performance with Viv Corringham
18 January 2018
7pm, Thurs
Central Booking 21 Ludlow St, New York, New York 10002

Catherine Clover & Viv Corringham
Our second performance event in New York as part of the exhibition The Garden of Earthly Delights at Central Booking, Viv Corringham and Catherine Clover draw connections between urban green spaces and the sounds of urban animals, specifically birds. Our performance is oriented to how sound can play a role in the greening of urban spaces, specifically New York. Sound is a key component of biodiversity – of both animal, plant and human habitats – and one that is frequently overlooked. The performance addresses migratory birds that fly through New York on the Atlantic flyway. Birds migrate on specific routes around the world known as flyways, and the Atlantic flyway, which millions of birds use, sonically connects New York with central and south America. Most of the migratory birds are spending summer in the warmth of the south at this time of year. Rural and urban landscapes shape the sounds of voices and through migration, and the sounds of the birds’ voices link geographies that are thousands of miles apart. While large green spaces provide respite for all species in the city, both migratory and sedentary, smaller green areas such as domestic gardens and balconies are no less important.

Credits in this performance
The Bird List Song is a quote from Peter Greenaway’s film The Falls (1980) Lacer Fallacet biography #7
Robinson Meyer American Trees are moving west and no one know why The Atlantic 17 May 2017
Carl Zimmer On long migrations, birds chase an eternal spring New York Times, 5 Jan 2017
Dave Taft, Little Terror of the Flyway New York Times, 17 Oct 2017
Rachel Nuwer Wildlife Oases in New York’s concrete jungle, National Wildlife Federation, 27 Jan 2014

Full Audio doecumentation available

Central Booking

    Audio excerpt 4' 26", based on the Bird List Song from Peter Greenaway’s The Falls (1980) Lacer Fallacet biography#7  


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