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Double Interchange (2006)  

Site specific collaboration with percussionist Vanessa Tomlinson for Double Venturi_The Current, Melbourne Town Hall 2006; a cross-disciplinary collaborative project curated by Peter Knight (composer) and Cameron Robbins (artist) with composers Vanessa Tomlinson, Kate Neal, Erik Griswold, and artists David Murphy, Robbie Rowlands, Catherine Clover. See Double Venturi on YouTube.

The site was the lift shaft and stairwell of the Melbourne Town Hall, the centre of civic power for the City of Melbourne, Australia. It was chosen for its transitional and apparently peripheral nature. Little time is spent here yet it is a vital link within the building and is constantly in use. Using composed music played live in the lifts, a projection of visual sampling, and a pre-recorded sound piece the work engages with ideas surrounding transition, change, and flux.

With thanks to musicians Martin MacKerras [clarinet], Adrian Sherriff [bass trombone], Eugene Ughetti [percussion]; lift operators Gemma Collette and Alana Gibson; assistants Utako Shindo, Holly Ingleton, Johnny Pavlatos; and sound recording contributions from Kirsten Reese and Sean O'Neill


Double Interchange live performance [excerpt] 3'43"

Stills from projection  
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