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Mid-morning, mild, some clouds (2014)  

Opening Thursday 27 March, 6-8pm
28 March – 27 April 2014
Mason Street, Newport, Melbourne, Australia
Dimensions of paste up 4.3m x 3m

Through spending time in the vicinity of Mason Street, Newport, in the west of Melbourne, Clover will listen to daily activities – pedestrians, voices, traffic, buses, trains, birds, the weather, the season - creating a site-specific artwork that is text based but oriented towards the sonic.
This public artwork is part of Art In Public Places coordinated by Hobsons Bay City Council. Commissioned through The Substation, the site is just around the corner on Mason Street
The Substation - Off Site


    Two years later, in July 2016, the work is still visible and deteriorating during the renovation of the community hall:  
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