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Eyescore: The Audible Image (2016)

curated by Kent Wilson with Angela Cavalieri, Carmen Chan, Catherine Clover, Danae Valenza, Dylan Martorell, John Aslanidis, John Nixon, Michael Graeve

OPENING EVENT: Tues 22 Sept 6pm – 8pm
Exhibition runs 22 September to 1 November

Town Hall Gallery
Hawthorn Arts Centre 360 Burwood Road, Hawthorn VIC 3122
Ph: 03 9278 4626


Open your eyes to the sight of sound in an exploration of the auditory impact of the visual arts. Eye Score: The Audible Image looks at artworks that trigger a feeling of sound in the viewer. This exhibition presents artworks that look like they sound, and sound like they look. Curated by Kent Wilson at the Town Hall Gallery, Hawthorn, Melbourne. See invitation

    Catalogue essay by Kent Wilson  
    My site specific contribution to this exhibition, so to speak (2015), conceives of a seepage that occurs through the sharing of urban space. By aligning the city with language through social interaction - as a place of enunciation - I envisage a continuity of life that links us with common noisy wild birds, a continuity that places us as co-habitants of urban space rather than separate and that has potential for exchange through a shared vocal space triggered by proximity in the city.  
    Photo credit Christian Capurro  
    no right turn smokers please ipipipipipipipip  
    wheeep eep ee Bert no worries  
    er just trying to think it was so funny I'm like  
    mm mm thank you  
    wah wah wah wahhhh reverse signal van car Pita Pit  
    Boroondara McChicka hoy don kee  
    so probably um listen to that epepepepepepep  
    on side road Yo glad it's Friday  
    16 what have you got then what is he like is he nice  
    we're like we were just standing wah wah wah thanks mate sweet  
    I'm like no no wa wa wa wa  
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