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    Looking up. listening for the birds (2012)  

as part of Accumulate/Proliferate curated by Deb Bain King with Keith Wong, Patricia Todarello and Dena Ashbolt
c3 Abbotsford Convent Melbourne Australia 24th October - 11th November 2012


Catherine Clover’s ongoing research into our co-habitation with animals has over the years led her to consider the semiotics of bird communication, the aural landscape of urban environments and how humans and animal life forms relate and respond to each other. In her installation, Looking Up, Listening for the Birds, Clover invites us into her meticulous and forensic process. She invites the viewer to scan for birds, and like her become attuned to a bird’s encounter with the urban environment; we find ourselves contemplating the schematics of power lines and other formal simplicities against the expanded field of the sky. Clover has developed a deep capacity to move between the animal and the human.

Deb Bain-King Curator Accumulate_Proliferate excerpt from catalogue essay (full text here)

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    This series reflects the listening process I go through when collecting raw material for my artworks. These common wild birds are a part of my daily round and I am witness to their activities on a regular basis. I listen to them and I listen out for them, I look at them and follow their movements. More often than not I hear them without seeing them, and no bird is apparently visible in these works, although their voices were heard at the time of each camera click.  
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Corvus corvix, Corvus corvix, Corvus corvix, Corvus albicollis,