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    billing and cooing (2010)  
    In progress, mail art as part of a number of projects  
    Audio excerpt billing and cooing early rehearsal  


Participating Song Cycles
coroocoo coroocoo coroocoo coroocoo
rackitty-coo rackitty-coo rackitty-coo rackitty-coo
oom oom oom oom oom
bucket-a-coo bucket-a-coo bucket-a-coo
dru-oo-u dru-oo-u dru-oo-u dru-oo-u
cooo cooo cooo cooo

Participating Diseases and Parasites
canker, respiratory infection, worms, dander,
salmonellosis, ornithosis, encephalitis,
newcastle disease, cryptococcosis,
histoplasmosis, toxoplasmosis, avian flu,
pigeon-breeders' disease, chlamydophila,
nibbling insects - fleas, ticks, mites, lice.



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