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Field Notes (2013)  

Catherine Clover and Clyde McGill
Opening: Saturday 2 March 4 - 6pm
Exhibition runs 27 February – 16 March 2013
Trocadero Art Space Level 1, 119 Hopkins Street Footscray 3011 
Hours: Wednesday to Saturday 11 am - 5pm


Investigating this bridged site using our transdisciplinary or multipurpose practice spanning the complexities of how and where we live, exploring the closeness of our existence in an often hostile environment, sorting through the material and the intangible detritus, the calls of the living, the rumble of those overhead, the flow through the rapids, the site absorbed us, became our geography, our reluctance to leave. 
A between the seeing and the knowing, holding apart or joining together, the perceived obliterated by the overspray which forms the chronological palimpsest on the wall, the noise floats, suspends the structure, bridging the gap of gravity and sky, this site is carried back to the studio, an analysis of observations, of ambient performance, of sonics and belongings, of a convergence of two artists, place, intention and imagination.

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