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A Storytelling of Ravens (2012)  
    A Storytelling of Ravens centre page spread Tierstudien 01 Animalität und Ästhetik
Edited by Jessica Ullrich pub Neofelis Verlag Berlin Germany April 2012

I was invited to produce a work for the inaugural publication of Tierstudien, edited by Jessica Ullrich.


The interdisciplinary journal Animal studies is devoted to the context of the newly created Animal Studies and addresses the relationship between humans and animals, not only from a cultural and humanistic perspective, but also via culturally and historically conditioned ideas, images and representations of animals, as well as current practices and theories of the human-animal relationship.

Animal studies is the first German-language magazine for this subject. Research fields of animal studies include the critical analysis of the visual arts, film, literature and popular culture in terms of cultural and social significance layers of human-animal relationships. It shall include the manner in which animals and interactions between humans and animals find their expression in the sciences and how human-animal relationships affect how human culture is shaped. Key concepts of Western intellectual history, such as "nature" and "culture", the representation of animals in the arts, and historical changes in human perception of animals and human-animal relationships will be analyzed for their ideological or aesthetic functions.

Published animal studies by art historian Dr. Jessica Ullrich.

The Scientific Advisory Board Animal Studies:
Dr Petra Lange-Berndt, Prof. Dr. Roland Borgards, Prof. Dorothee Brantz, Prof. Dr. Thomas Macho, Dr. Sabine Nessel, Professor Martin Ullrich and Dr. Markus Wild.

Animal studies will be published twice a year in spring and autumn.

Already published and planned expenditures:

01/2012 - animality and aesthetics
02/2012 - Animals on the road
03/2013 - Animal Love
04/2013 - Metamorphosis - Call for Papers

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