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birdbrain (2011)  
    Screenspace 30 Guildford Lane Melbourne 3000 Australia Opening Thursday 10th November 6-8pm  
    SoundFjord Unit 3b - Studio 28 | 28 Lawrence Road | London | N15 4ER | UK - Opening Saturday 18th June 4-6pm  
    Emerson Galerie Gartenstrasse 1 Mitte Berlin Germany - Opening Wednesday 29th June 6-8pm  
    For birdbrain, I worked with four performers on bird mimicry - Vanessa Chapple (AU), Kate Hunter (AU), Penny Baron (AU) and Melissa Alley (UK). I invited artists and writers to contribute small texts to the installation detailing their experiences of ravens, crows and seagulls - Jessica Ullrich (Germany), Geraldine Barlow (AU), Clare Halstead (UK), Andrew Whitehouse (UK), Rene ten Bos (Holland), Giovanni Aloi (UK), Steve Baker (UK), Michele Faguet (Germany), Cathy Lane (UK) and Robin Tassie (UK). These texts were presented as audio works by five readers - Kate Hunter, Penny Baron, Yifang Lu, Mateja Simenko and myself.  
    Sound Engineer: The Fantastic Laura B.  
    Screenspace catalogue  
    Audio excerpt 2' 17" of 30'  
    Emerson Galerie  
    Emerson Galerie  
    Emerson Galerie  
    Emerson Galerie  
    Soundfjord (excerpt Steve Baker)  
    Soundfjord (excerpt Jessica Ullrich)  
    Preparation for birdbrain: Kate Hunter, Vanessa Chapple and Penny Baron mimic ravens Melbourne  

Preparation birdbrain: Recording with Melissa Alley in her studio, Peckham


Recording with Vanessa, Kate and the gulls, Port Melbourne beach. The gulls were present - they coudn't
resist the muesli bars - but not very vocal that day...

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