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Between two and three (2006)  
    Animation Duration 12' 56 "  
    Audio excerpt 2'  


The spectacular Westgate Bridge rises high above several kilometers of the city of Melbourne. It is a large cable-stayed girder bridge which spans the River Yarra and is a significant link between the industrial west, the inner city and the eastern suburbs. It has achieved iconic status for its fine curves and sweeping views of the city, the suburbs and the bay. It is also the site of one of Australia's worst construction tragedies, when thirty five workers lost their lives in the collapse of one of the spans between two weight-bearing piers.

This work addresses similar issues as Untitled [sidings] (2006) and considers the marginal spaces produced by urbanisation such as those areas beneath elevated expressways, beside railway sidings, and along creeks turned into storm water drains.




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