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Frieze (2006)  
Installation at the Dolls House Miniature Space, Melbourne, March 2006, curated by Rebecca Mayo  
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In response to the site-specific nature of the Dolls House Miniature Gallery, the decorative architectural element of the frieze is investigated. A frieze is an internal or external element which combines with the architrave and cornice to form the entablature. A frieze is a visual pattern which repeats in one horizontal direction, and according to mathematical analysis, seven different frieze patterns are possible. These patterns are created using one image which forms the template, and through repeated transformations such as translation, reflection, and rotation, a frieze is formed. The template used for these friezes is a section from a digital scan of an insect's wing.

Juxtaposed with the mathematical construction of the friezes, the sound element of this work comprises the natural aural patterning of a field recording of cicadas' songs [‘found sound']. Repeating phrases form rhythmic patterns which consist of varying cycles of ticks, clicks, trills and whistles. Field recordings document every sound that occurs within the proximity of the scope of the microphone. Through this process unpredictable and unintentional sounds become an important part of the outcome. Consisting of the seemingly less apparent sounds of the daily round, the recording mixes with the local activity of the Miller Street parade of shops. A comparative aural experience is created each time the recording is triggered.


    Street shot of the Dolls House showing the sensor which triggered the audio when viewers approached the window  
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