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Speaking in Tongues (2019) for Assembling Animal Communication
Exhibition curated by Dr. Kevin Chua
Landmark Gallery at Texas Tech University Lubbock Texas US
March 22 - April 28, 2019  
With Catherine Chalmers, Catherine Clover, Darcie DeAngelo, Lee Diegaard, Maria Lux

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    Voices: Members of the Grey Headed Flying Fox colony that roost along the River Yarra in central Melbourne, Australia (fruit-eating megabats, known colloquially as fruit bats)
Writer: Tessa Laird - Reading excerpts are from Bat by Tessa Laird, Reaktion Books 2018, with permission
Reader: Catherine Clover
Speculative Audience: Members of the Mexican Free-Tail Bat colonies of Austin and San Antonio, Texas (echolocating microbats)
    Audio excerpt 1'35"  
    Image Credit The World of Bats, photographs by Nina Leen  

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