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    Clover, C, Reading Aloud Matters a short article about the role of reading aloud in my art practise. Published in December 2018 in Antennae The Journal of Nature in Visual Culture, Issue 46, Winter 2018 ed Giovanni Aloi
    Clover, C, Jardines del Pedregal de San Ángel audio & text in the Ecomusicologia section of Animalia Vegetalia Mineralia Número 10, Ano 5 an online ecological journal edited by Ilda Teresa Castro, Portugal. A bilingual journal, English follows Portuguese Link to full issue here
    Clover, C, Heading South into Town: Ipipipipipipipip, ah yeah, um, we’re gonna, yeah, ip in What is Zoopoetics? Texts, Bodies, Entanglement Eds Kári Driscoll  and  Eva Hoffmann, pub Palgrave MacMillan ISBN: 978-3-319-64415-8
    Invisible Places Sounding Cities Selection Committee Member Azores Portugal
    Clover, C, Hallsten, J, and Jones, S L, Sounding Site: listening, mingling, index and reciprocity in the field with Johanna Hällsten and Shauna Laurel Jones. Unlikely Journal for Creative Arts, Issue 02 Online Journal Australia
    Clover, C For the rest of today partly cloudy (for numerous voices) is an article written for Iris Garrelfs' online journal Reflections on Process in Sound. Melbourne based Catherine Clover presents her expanded species-bridging approach to language, exploring urban birds through a framework of everyday experience.

Clover, C and Pyke, S Dreamers, splitters and murderous crows: feminist ramifications in attentively responding to the unexpected avian Collaborative presentation with Susan Pyke at the Feminist Ecologies Symposium, University of Melbourne, AU

    Invisible Places Sounding Cities Selection Committee Member Viseu Portugal
    Clover, C Listening in the City - article in the 'Bioacoustics' issue of Antennae, Issue #27 Dec 2013
    Clover, C Confab with the Birds: A chatter, a call, a shout, a whisper, a murmur, a mutter, a babble, a drone  Presented at the ASLEC-ANZ biennial conference 
Regarding the Earth Monash/RMIT Universities Melbourne  AU 
    * Looking up, listening for the birds Excerpt Magazine Melbourne Issue 04 
    Clover, C Revisiting Central Australia: Indigenous and non-Indigenous artistic collaborations  Frieze blog
    Clover, C Lumpen Falls by OSW (Terri Bird, Bianca Hester and Scott Mitchell) at Conical, Melbourne March. Review online at DAS Platforms
    * A Storytelling of Ravens centre page spread Tierstudien 01 Animalität und Ästhetik edited by Jessica Ullrich pub Neofelis Verlag Berlin Germany
    Clover, C Brainy Birds conference presentation at Animals and Aesthetics Universitat der Kunste, Berlin Germany October funded by RMIT University
    Clover, C Tell Me Something Artist’s book produced as part of birdbrain, available from Perimeter Books Melbourne and Printed Matter New York
    * Patricide 03 The Uncanny Coombs, N (ed). Collaborative Print Project, UK