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We don’t simply cry out. We pronounce. We enunciate.
Collaborative performance with Viv Corringham
17 January 2018
7pm, Wed
Harvestworks 596 Broadway, # 602, New York, New York 10012

Catherine Clover & Viv Corringham
Using field recordings, digital imagery, mimicry, readings and improvisation, our site-specific performance addresses the birds of New York and how their voices sound the multiple landscapes of the metropolis. 
As British migrants (Viv to the USA, Cath to Australia), our sonic practices are attuned to vernacular, idiom, dialect and accent, not only of people but also of animals, with reference to place. Through listening to the birds’ voices, the performance forms a kind of speculative reader for learning bird languages, including vocabulary, pronunciation and phrasing.

Credits in this performance
Allora and Calzadilla and Ted Chiang The Great Silence (2014) full text (The title of our performance is a direct quote from Chiang's text)
Gordon C Aymar Bird Flight John Lane The Bodley Head London 1956
Frank M Chapman Birds and Man The American Museum of Natural History 1943
Corey Finger Field Guide to birds of New York 2016
Central Park Conservancy The Birds of Central Park n/d

Full audio documentation available


    Audio Excerpt 3' 33" includes a reading based on the text written by Ted Chiang for Allora and Calzadilla's installation The Great Silence (2014), voiced by an endangered Puerto Rican parrot.  


    Photo Credit Viv Corringham  
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