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Shooting The


Shooting the Breeze
Opening 6-8pm Friday 10 April 2015
A short performance of five voices will take place at 6.30pm
with Jenny Barnes, Vanessa Chapple, Martina Copley, Viv Corringham and Susan Pyke

Stephen McLaughlan Gallery
Level 8, Nicholas Building, 37 Swanston Street Melbourne 3000 Australia
Exhibition dates 8 - 25 April 2015
Hours Wed-Fri 1-5pm, Sat 11-5pm or by appointment

The performance audio was curated into Biopresence: Bioacoustic Urbanscapes by Doo Sung Yoo at
Ohio State University, US, 2016, and Talk Talk by Maddy Rosenberg at Central Booking, New York, 2016.
It was also included in the Incinerator Art Award: Art for Social Change, Melbourne, 2016

    Through a textual realisation of the sonic the installation proposes a vocal relationality between people and common noisy wild city birds triggered by lives lived in proximity to the Nicholas Building in central Melbourne, where the gallery is situated, but also more generally within all urban environments.
Using the installation as an experimental text score five performers will be voicing the work at 6.30pm on the opening night – Jenny Barnes, Vanessa Chapple, Martina Copley, Viv Corringham and Sue Pyke.
    Artist's Statement  
    Audio 2' excerpt from 15' performance. Recorded by Martin Kay  
    Promotional image  
    Performance Viv Corringham and Vanessa Chapple  
    Installation image  
    Installation image  

Performance Jenny Barnes and Viv Corringham

    Installation image  
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