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    Writing/Conference Papers/Print 
    Voicetracks: Attuning to Voice in Media and the Arts by Norie Neumark, MIT Press USA ISBN: 9780262036139

Human Animal Artist: art inspired by animals review of Human/Animal/Artist McClelland Gallery by Lynn Mowson in Art and Australia January


Human/Animal/Artist: Janine Burke's exhibition explores the lines in between by Gabriella Coslovich in The Age, Australia 19.11.16
Sydney Morning Herald Australiam, 18.11.16

    Tungebundet: Om tale, stemme og kunst by Rikke Hanson in Kunsten.NU, January 2016
    'Unknowing Animals: Wild bird films and the limits of knowledge by Susan McHugh' in Animal Life and the Moving Image eds Lawrence, M and McMahon, L, pub Palgrave and British Film Institute, UK, ISBN: 9781844579006

Something Old, Something New: An Exhibition Weds Technologies of Yesterday and Today review by Melissa Stern in Hyperallergic, October 2015

    Creaturely Feelings by Caroline Wallace July 2015
    Eyescore: The Audible Image catalogue essay by Kent Wilson September 2015
    Perch catalogue essay by Andrew Tetzlaff 2014
    Animal Sounds Interview with Robbie Judkins, Clear Spot Resonance 104.4FM London UK June 2014

Camilla Hannan. Sonic City Interview and live recordings as part of Liquid Architecture14: Sonic City for Sounds Like Radio ABC Radio National AU. The program uses material from Liquid Architecture 2013 The Sonic City including interviews and live recordings from Haco, Toshiya Tsonoda, Catherine Clover, Philip Brophy and Francisco Lopez. The program was produced by Camilla Hannan and commissioned by ABC Radio National’s Creative Audio Unit. Broadcast Feb 2014

    When L is for Listening review of B is for Bird C is for City by Evelyn Tsitas Sept 2013
    Hear Us by Amy Sherlock, catalogue essay for Calls from Blethenal Green UK 2013
    Worth more than Words by Shauna Laurel Jones, catalogue essay for Calls from Blethenal Green UK 2013
    Art and the Arthoropod by Andrew Stephens Sydney Morning Herald AU Dec 2012
    Interview with Catherine Clover Peter McKerrow for Resonance 104.4FM London UK Feb
    birdbrain by Jane O'Neill catalogue essay 2011
    Austral Avenue: An Experiment in Living with Art pub Sept 2011
    Design Federation interview with Estelle Pigot June 2011
    Talking with the Birds interview with George Nott Enfield Independent UK June 2011

Within a Grain of Sand: Our Sonic Environment and some of its shapers
by Maile Colbert May 2011

    Winging It by Laura Kenins The Coast Halifax Canada Feb 2010
    Greengrocer by Jane O'Neill (essay with Austral Avenue publication)
    Animalistic Attraction by Andrew Stephens The Age AU Nov 2008
    Melbourne Unplugged Affirm Press 2008
    by Amelia Swan (essay accompanying double audio cd)
    The Age Nov 2008
    Tribute to Cockle Pickers The Age Oct 2007
    Making art of insect wings and insect sounds by Penny Webb The Age July 2007
    DeBrief Interview with John Bailey The Age April 2007
    Art as Transformation by Amelia Swan Oct 2006
    SoundLab Interview with sonic art project environments Aug 2006
    Luminous Geometry The Age Nov 2005
  Water as medium and message The Age May 2004